Email to Dave 4/8/2017

Date: Sun, May 07, 2017 8:22 pm
From: Scottperry

Hi David,

Thanks David for offering to hear me out a little here. Strange, I seem to have that expeience often with WP. For some reason WP's email system always seems to fail on me just when I want it to work the most. Don't know.

Here is what I am proposing. The WP email system is way underutilized at WP, because it is never mentioned in any of our policies about dispute resolution. We have inherited a system of what I will call "courtroom style debate" that is currently used 100% of the time whenever there is a formal content dispute. Why does this system tend to cause trouble?

The current WP dispute resolution process is as if everytime you and your sibling had an argument when you were a kid, you were both dragged by your parents into a classroom full of your peers, and both forced to debate one another publicly, while inviting comments from as many of your peers as you can get. How conducive would that be to having a good relatiohship with a sibling? No. The first thing that good healthy siblings do whenever having a dispute should normally be to go into a room together, close the door, then try to talk it out in private. No? Why can't WP impliment something along these lines for our dispute resolution process?

Why do so many editors routinely feel frustrated and unheard? Why do women only constitute approximately 5% of us? It's because of this poor systematic dynamic that all too easily makes them feel like they're being mentally "screwed" by a bunch of guys.

If any of this might make any sense to you, please reply.

I have some concrete suggestions as to how Email Dispute Resolution could possibly be incorporated into the WP dispute resolution process.

There you have it. Thanks for your interest thus far. If you may prefer not to reply, minimally please note on my talk page that you are not interested in pursuing this any further, and that will be fine by me. If you would like to hear and discuss more, please do reply by email.

Why am I discussing this only one on one? It's because I've tried discussing things like this in what I call the "WP fishbowl," and invariably such discussions always get shot down by the very same dispute resolution process that this could easily fix. It's maddening. The current system inherently shoots down any other system but itself. It's self perpetuating madness.


Scott Perry